Who We Are

Tacit LLC is an information technology staffing company dedicated to serving the IT community by accurately representing the requirements of both the hiring manager and the job seeker. Using our expert knowledge, experience, and tools, we are able to fill any role in IT: temporary, permanent, or contract-to-hire.

And we do it without a lot of noise.

TACIT LLC. Quietly Professional.

What They're Saying

"Tacit did a great job positioning me for a fantastic opportunity... where the company and I were truly a good functional and cultural fit. Whether you are looking for an IT job for yourself or if you are an IT manager looking for good people to join your team, I encourage you to talk with Tacit."L.S., Program Manager

News & Updates

Industry Watch: So you've taken some MOOCs. But is that good enough?

Some of us remember the days of mega-freshman overview courses in huge state universities. Hundreds of students packed into hot lecture halls listening to canned lectures from a professor that we'll probably never meet in person. MOOCs -- massive open online courses -- are the modern digital version of that experience. They're cheap, they're convenient, they're even informative. But are they the best way to offer a digital education? November 2015

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Government Watch: It's the law

The STEM Education Act, which has been making its way through Congress since early February, was signed into law last month. November 2015

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Career Opportunities

Looking for a permanent position? The variety of contract work? TACIT can help you reach your professional goals. Here are some of our hottest jobs:


Tacit Toon

Technology does have a lighter side. Every month we'll showcase that lighter side with a fresh Tacit Toon from our resident cartoonist. So get your geek on, relax, and enjoy!